Snow Crystal Tulip


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If you love big, beautiful peony blooms then you will fall madly in love with our Snow Crystal Tulip. It is a double fringed tulip. This means the bloom is LARGE and IN CHARGE just like a peony, with fringed petals to really pack a punch. Let this crisp white tulip pack a WOW in your garden next spring! Pair with our Silver Parrot and our Pink Star tulips for a beautiful show.

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This variety is a mid to late-season bloomer. They will do great in a full sun to a part shade location. Plant up to 5 bulbs per square foot at 5 inches deep with the pointy end facing up. They will get about 16 inches tall.


The frost can’t get us down!!! Look at these babies still going strong! ...

These are likely the last bouquet tags I’ll be putting together this season. I swear we own at least seven adult sized scissors but of course I can only find the child safety scissors that don’t cut paper 🤣 Happy Fall everyone! ...

A couple special arrangements went out the door today. Just in time for the first killing frost. The zinnia’s aren’t about this weather and if I’m honest, neither am I! So I’m soaking up the few warm rays I can get while I arrange the last flowers of the season. I hope the bouquets bring good luck and joy! ...