Chesnok Red (Purple Stripe Hardneck) Garlic

Hardneck purple stripe seed garlic

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Introducing Adams Garlic-a Certified Naturally Grown garlic grown in Cassville, WI. Their seed garlic is not only grown without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides they are also relatives of the Agora Acres family! Thank you for your support of our family businesses!

Chesnok Red is a full flavored garlic with a mellow aftertaste. It has been called the best baking garlic and sweetest roasting garlic. Chesnok Red has beautiful stripes with consistently large bulbs with around 8-12 cloves per bulb; plants are vigorous and hardy. Chesnok Red is originally from Republic of Georgia in former USSR.

Hardneck garlic is perfect for our WI climate. It produces an edible scape which is highly sought after in the spring. These are great for storage usually lasting 6 months depending on storage conditions. One pound of garlic seed has 11-12 bulbs which will provide around 80-100 plants.

The planting window for garlic is coming up quick! It’s recommended to plant seed garlic about two weeks before our first hard frost so they can start rooting before the frost comes.

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One pound: 80-100 Plants, Half Pound: 40-50 Plants, Quarter Pound: 20-25 Plants

It’s like Christmas all over again!!! I’ve been waiting not very patiently for my seeds to come in. THEY ARE HERE!!!!! Yahoooooo! Time to get those heat mats going!

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Thanks to everyone that purchased a Bouquet CSA this weekend! We are only a few CSA's away from being sold out. I'm blown away! Your support and excitement about flowers is AMAZING! Thanks a bunch!

Photo of one of the four girls that can't wait to grow flowers for you next year 😘

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