Bouquet CSA

What is a bouquet CSA? A bouquet CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) is a subscription service on the timeline you choose; weekly, every other week or monthly during our growing season. In community shared agriculture, the members pay for a share of the harvest before the season begins. This allows us (the flower farmers) to grow just the right amount of blooms. We have an excellent assortment of flowers chosen for this years fields!

Why buy local? Our sustainably grown buds are harvested just hours before you get them. We use no chemicals or nasty toxic concoctions. So go ahead and take a big ‘ol whiff to fully experience locally grown flowers! Bouquets can be picked up at Agora Acres just two blocks from beautiful downtown Cambridge, WI.

How are local flowers different? With local flowers you will be amazed by the fragrance of FRESH flowers. This is because 80 percent of the blooms available for purchase in American were grown in another country. Those flowers were picked days, even weeks before and have long lost their scent. Our locally grown flowers will last a longer in the vase (with the proper care of course), and have a lot more zing and zip in their color.

Spring Bouquet CSA

Weekly Bouquet

Every Other Week Bouquet CSA

Monthly Bouquet CSA

It’s like Christmas all over again!!! I’ve been waiting not very patiently for my seeds to come in. THEY ARE HERE!!!!! Yahoooooo! Time to get those heat mats going!

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Thanks to everyone that purchased a Bouquet CSA this weekend! We are only a few CSA's away from being sold out. I'm blown away! Your support and excitement about flowers is AMAZING! Thanks a bunch!

Photo of one of the four girls that can't wait to grow flowers for you next year 😘

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