About Us

agora [ag-gohr-uh] noun

  • Greek, from agorein, to gather
  • assembly place, open space
  • The marketplace in Athens, used for popular meetings, or any similar place of assembly in ancient Greece.

Agora Acres flower farm is located in Cambridge, WI, just 15 minutes east of Madison. We use sustainable practices to grow our flowers and never incorporate toxic chemicals that could damage the environment. Our blooms are lovingly grown using integrated pest management, i.e., lots of hard work!

I am Samantha Dalsing, the passionate flower farmer, and I have spent the last decade working to make our environment a better place to live. I started my professional life in the green building industry & then started an environmental consulting business, Testudo LLC, in which we train contractors to remodel safely around lead-based paint, & complete inspections for lead-based paint & asbestos sexy. During the non-work hours I would spend as much time in my garden as possible. Fast forward a few kids, and my hobby has morphed into my next business endeavor!

Lavinia, “Little Miss Flower Farmer-in-Training,” and her little sisters, Cora and Violet, spend all their time helping their mom on the flower farm. Savannah (the Yorkshire Terrier dog) and Georgie (the cat) are our sidekicks that you’ll probably spot in the flower rows.

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